Work with fun


Poste : Executive Secretary

Activité : Matériaux innovants

Pays de rattachement : Chine

Ancienneté : Entre 2 et 5 ans

I joined Saint-Gobain (Xuzhou) pipe Co., ltd in 2007 directly after graduation from university. The recruiting slogan “We are not offering you a job, but a career” catches me in the first time. After I got in the company, my working skills improved quickly with the guide of other colleagues and from various training courses. Several months later, I was transferred to the position of assistant of Sale Director and have worked there for the past three years. It was very lucky for me that I was picked to participate in our global SAP project and act as the key user for pig iron business in Sep, 2010 and have learned so much from our centre team experts, external consultants and other team members during this one-year period . It is such a wonderful and cherished experience for a young employee like me.  

This March, with my family moving to Zhengzhou, the first thing coming into my mind was internal transfer in the group, as Saint-Gobain offers every employee an equal opportunity and a large stage for career development and personal growth, During the past five year, I deeply feel it really cares for people, the environment ; respect the differences and employee right, working here gives me strong sense of belongings and plenty of joy.Fortunately, later I got an opportunity to transfer to Saint-Gobain Ceramic material (Zhengzhou) Co., ltd, though I did not join it long, I loved it already for meeting a group of bright people with lovely characteristics and extraordinarily positive attitude towards job. They generously offer help to me not only in work, but in life as well. I am more than happy that I make the right choice to join SG family and I am confident with its future and would love to contribute for it. Yes, here I work with FUN!

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