Building a new competency Building a new competency

Building a new competency


Poste : Ingénieur de Recherche

Activité : Autres (CSG, Délégations, R&D, GIE, etc.)

Pays de rattachement : France

Ancienneté : Entre 2 et 5 ans

I entered SAINT-GOBAIN RECHERCHE through the (new) door of cements, after a thesis in the chemistry of cementitious materials.

Taking part to the building of this competency in the research centre is for me a stimulating challenge. I like to explain this material to my colleagues, which are more used to glass… I enjoy surprising them (and let me be surprised) with the similarities between glass and cement!

Being research engineer at SAINT-GOBAIN RECHERCHE is a perfect continuation to a thesis, while entering as actor on the stage of industrial innovation.

I entered in this “house for Habitat” where I found a balance between technical interdisciplinarity and openness on the construction businesses.

Ideal to continue constructing one’s own career plan.

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