Club of Isover friends



Activité : Produits pour la construction

Pays de rattachement : Koweit

Ancienneté : Moins de 2 ans

Saint-Gobain Construction Products Kazakhstan’s project “Club of Isover Friends”

The Club was established in March, 2008 and appeared to be an unprecedented action for the region. The aim of it is to support effectively customers and partners of the company. Besides informative aim the Club is entrusted with an educational mission due to the deficiency in well-educated and professional people in the field of construction.

The basic premise of its creation was the lack of specialized formations of this kind in the respective region. A corresponding survey has been carried out by our team; as a result it turned out that strong Saint-Gobain Isover brand will guarantee the easiest and cheapest way of launching new products, positive customer perception and lobby of Saint-Gobain vision.

“Club of Isover friends” united those who are occupied in construction business especially those engaged in mounting isolation products, those interested in novelties and know-hows in the field and those interested not only in good purchase but also in comfortable conditions, good service, nice presents and surprises. These are architects, designers, construction companies’ representatives, dealers, teachers and talented students of architectural and technical universities, scientific communities, etc.

The Club atmosphere presupposes free opinion exchange, a perspective to find new friends and contacts in the respective field. In addition to professional experience interchange, within the club meetings we discuss the most pressing topics, such as outlook for the future of the industry, current situation in the country, city life, etc.

“Club of Isover friends” unites all those who love this business, both professionals and laymen.

“Club of Isover friends” unites professionals from different regions of Kazakhstan, Central Asia and Caucasus.  Today the number of registered members exceeds 400 people. And more then 3400 friends on Facebook

Under the aegis of “Club of Isover friends” the following actions and events took place:

- Introduction and promotion of new products and new binder G3;
Popularization of Energy Saving Construction Program (special conference has been organized along with constant articles on the topic in various mass media);
Seminars and trainings for architects, designers, students, mounters, etc.;
National stage of International Multi Comfort House contest (the winners participated in the final round of the contest in Dubrovnik, Croatia-2008, Ljubljana, Slovenia-2009, Vienna, Austria-2010, Prague, CZ -2011;
- Isover school;
Other promo-actions.

The members of “Club of Isover friends” have an opportunity to:

- Get special offers from Saint-Gobain Construction Products KZ;
- Have free admissions to specialized exhibitions and seminars organized by Saint-Gobain Construction Products KZ;
- Get name invitation cards to various festive events organized by Saint-Gobain Construction Products KZ;
- Be informed of the coming special promotion actions organized by Saint-Gobain Construction Products KZ in advance;
- To get professional consultations from specialists of Saint-Gobain Construction Products;
- To exchange opinions in the Club's forum.

Promotion & Communication ways of “Club of Isover friends”:

- ;
- ;
- ads in specialized mass-media;
- A&P materials;
- Seminars;
- Isover hot-line 8 800 080 9911 (various consultations, post-sales service, etc.)

To become a member of “Club of Isover friends” suffice it to fill in a form in  and you are permitted to use all privileges of being “a friend of Isover”. 

This project is unprecedented also because it is a low-budget one. Using scanty means we attempt to promote Saint-Gobain brand in the region, inform people on Saint-Gobain values and mission as well as the story of our company’s achievements. In fact, the Club turned out to be an association of people taking an interest in energy saving questions, Saint-Gobain being a hospitable and hearty master of it. 

Significant aspect of Club’s success is a personal contribution of each Saint-Gobain Construction Products KZ employee - each of us is anxious to be closer to our customers, get to know their needs, preferences and expectations. 

Each new day brings a new friend, enlarging the number of club members, and we believe, in the nearest future SG brand to be the most recognizable in the region!

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