Work in Saint-Gobain: This is the best project you can have!


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I've written this project title, because I've followed many projects - some bigger, some smaller - in my Saint-Gobain experience, but it's difficult to say which is the most important. So I'd prefer speak about the great opportunity Saint-Gobain has given me.

So...I can say that this opportunity is a big project...on me and for me!

When I was hired, about 5 years ago, I was a payroll employee (wages clerk), so I had the opportunity to become a HR manager, learning day by day all I needed to complete - as it's possible to complete (you never stop to learn!) - a professional profile.

I've had the opportunity to share ideas with others colleagues, to learn from the others, to have national and international training, meeting different people, different professionals.

I am sure to be a different person, now. I'm professionally developed, and I'm still improving.

I remember my first boss told me: "come with us, you'll see you'll enjoy yourself and you'll learn a lot".

It is totally true and I can say the same today, after almost 5 years. Not easy, is it?

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