Burgos Furnace 2 upgrade

Francisco Javier

Poste : Production Manager

Activité : Autres (CSG, Délégations, R&D, GIE, etc.)

Pays de rattachement : Espagne

Ancienneté : Entre 6 et 10 ans

After two years and a half in Verallia's Seville plant, I moved to Burgos in the same position just four months before starting the furnace 2 rebuilding. I had to update myself quickly to face my first great project. The production capacity was increased and the lay-out of the production area changed completely, so they were two months of hard until the start up. The following months were also part of the project since it was necessary to overcome many dificulties to reach the previous level of performance.

From the beginning of the project to the restart of the furnace, it was for me the most important period, both in terms of training and the experience of working in coordination with multiple teams. This kind of project requires considerable effort, but it is very gratifying to see the final results.

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