Career path


Poste : HR Director

Activité : Matériaux innovants

Pays de rattachement : Espagne

Ancienneté : Plus de 10 ans

After more than 12 years in the Group, after different geographic, functional, and BU changes, I can ensure that mobility is one of the great values of this Group, and an unique opportunity that usually Companies don´t allow. I started (because of my background, experience and training) as Production Engineer in Saint-Gobain PAM, and after that responsability I changed in 2 years to EHS Manager job position. After 5 years in same Divsion I moved from mi city, my Division and my function, all together, great challenge for me, but from then on I´ve been in charge of HR in different positions, 3 different societies, transversal knowledge, different cities, hundreds of new people and their talent, best practices of each function, several markets in Saint-Gobain, … So many benefits, for Saint-Gobain and for the employee, why not take advantage of them?

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