General Testimonial


Poste : Director of H.R., Ceramics, Adfors, R & D

Activité : Matériaux innovants

Pays de rattachement : Etats-Unis

Ancienneté : Entre 2 et 5 ans

After doing my research on the company and meeting extraordinary people through the interview process, I realized that Saint-Gobain was a high-quality company with high-quality people. Now I oversee several separate and distinct businesses as Director of HR for Saint-Gobain’s Ceramics Businesses, the ADFORS business and the North American R&D Center.

I believe that I have the most interesting job, because my businesses each manage diverse markets, customers, products and business needs. This makes working with each business unique and challenging.  One of the strengths within these businesses is innovation.  Saint-Gobain realizes that innovation is not just the responsibility of the R and D groups.  I clearly understand that I provide a service to my internal customers and look for ways to provide that service in a high quality, fast and efficient manner. I feel good about the relationships I have with the other HR directors and find their help invaluable in brainstorming issues and sharing ideas, expertise, and experiences. 

Diversity is another important component of our success here at Saint-Gobain.  Gender, ethnicity, background, experience, age and expertise all blend together to make a stronger team.  Together, our diversity makes us a strong competitor in the marketplace and a much more interesting place to work!

We are building a better leadership team by looking at people, their potential, and how they can grow within our businesses. I believe that many of our teams are stronger today than they were a few years ago due to our efforts in looking at potential as well as current capabilities.

Overall, Saint-Gobain is a company that believes in hiring exceptional people who operate in an ethical and professional manner. I truly believe in the company and I truly believe in the people. 

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