Packaging Line transfer


Poste : Logistics Manager

Activité : Produits pour la construction

Pays de rattachement : Pologne

Ancienneté : Entre 6 et 10 ans

The aim of the Automatic Packaging Line project was to improve safety and reduce packaging costs.
We took existing pieces of equipment from Rigips Hungary and brought it to supplier's factory in Germany in order to do necessary upgrade and modification of the machinery.
Installation in Stawiany Rigips plant in Poland was successfully accomplished autumn 2011.
In the past 1/3 of our production output was packed manually and it was defined as priority for safety improvement due to presence of forklifts and people in packaging area at the same time.
As a result of this project in first year of operations automatic packaging line was used to prepare for shipping almost 40% of PB volumes we sell from Stawiany.
Safety risk was significantly reduced and payback from this investment is better than expected.
Currently  majority of plasterboards for export are packed on the automatic packaging line.
We've also introduced automatic waterproof packaging to our domestic customers.
It was significant change for the Company and great experience for me.

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