Tiger Paw Project Tiger Paw Project

Tiger Paw Project

Hao ( Jack )

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 Tiger Paw project was a production transfer project in 2006. More than 2400 product items were transferred from Mundelein Plant of USA to Minhang plant. Most of toolings, machines and technical documents moved to our plant. About 6 months later, the Mundelein Plant colsed and there were no any operational support from US. We must keep production by ourselves, and must keep continuous supply to customers. Very big challenges were process issues, quality issues, production capacity and safety manangement issues at that time. We had no experienced engineers, no skilled operators and no product knowledge. I just changed my career function from Human Resources to production. I was not a project leader but I was deeply involved this project.

I organized production team, worked with engineering team and quality team to fix each issue we met. We had daily meeting to coordinate all aspects.

After about half year, our on time delivery improved from 50% to 90%, scrap rate from about 30% to less than 5%.

We built up a good operation team in Minhang which support sustainable growth of Performance Plastics China.

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