The Saint-Gobain Attitudes

Our world is moving at an accelerating pace. These changes - social, economic and technological - are leading us to rethink the way we work.

Our ability to innovate, the quality of our products and services and operational excellence, our teams’ professional commitment and the quest for collective performance: all these elements that have made and still make the strength of Saint-Gobain are more than ever necessary today. We need to develop end enrich them.

How can we implement the Group’s strategy in a fast-paced and ever-changing environment? What challenges are we facing? What are the attitudes we must adopt to successfully take up these challenges?

In the course of 2016, several hundred Saint-Gobain managers representing 37 different nationalities, age groups, positions, businesses and hierarchical levels were invited to discuss these questions in 68 focus groups. Using a digital tool, a total of 1,512 verbatim transcriptions were analyzed to extract points of convergence and the most widely shared ideas. It was the actual words of these managers expressing the challenges Saint-Gobain faces and the key skills it needs that were transcribed and ultimately condensed down to five Attitudes that all employees must adopt. They reflect both the Group’s heritage and its ambition to create great living places and improve daily life.

The five Saint-Gobain Attitudes are:

Cultivate customer intimacy

Cultivate customer intimacy means understanding, anticipating and meeting the fundamental needs of both internal and external customers in a constantly changing environment in order to strengthen Saint-Gobain’s position on its markets. It is crucial for all employees to develop their empathy, that is, their ability to put themselves in the customers’ shoes to proactively provide them with creative solutions

Act as an entrepreneur

Act as an entrepreneur means being results-driven and showing strong commitment for all projects as if you were working for your own company. The spirit of entrepreneurship, as expressed in the drive, boldness and initiative of each employee, is essential to decision-making at the ground level and to building sustainable growth. It provides each person with the opportunity to develop leadership skills while encouraging change.


Innovate refers to the ability to be open and think differently; for example, by broadening, your skills beyond your comfort zone or working with different generations to learn from them. Innovate also means the ability to promote a safe space where failure is accepted as part of the game and where each person can learn from it.

Be agile

Be agile means being quick in mind and action by embracing change and being an active part of it. It is crucial for developing products quickly and acquiring new markets, adapting to new communication methods, and reinventing our design and manufacturing methods. Be agile also means being flexible, responsive and able to adapt; it requires awareness of your strengths and weaknesses as well as those of your teams.

Build an open and engaging culture

Build an open and engaging culture means applying the Group’s Principles of Conduct and Action, promoting continuous learning and demonstrating benevolent leadership. It also means working cooperatively and supportively with colleagues and external partners, in an open environment, conducive to innovation and agility. Diversity in all its forms is a crucial strength needed to take up the challenges of our constantly changing world.
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