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Are you looking for an internship, an apprenticeship or professional training contract, or an international business program? This area is for you.


Are you are looking for an internship at Saint-Gobain?

Under the guidance of our professional teams, we offer various projects with real-world experience. You will learn about the wealth of our culture and our activities worldwide. These missions will enable you to develop your skills and to capitalize fully on your experience. This will give you an edge that will facilitate your entry into the professional world once you have earned your degree.

Each year, Saint-Gobain welcomes several thousand interns worldwide. These internships also provide Saint-Gobain with an opportunity to identify future employees.

Work-study programs

Saint-Gobain is committed to allowing you to develop your knowledge while also gaining meaningful experiences through work-study programs.
Such programs enable you to explore the professions, expertise and culture of our Group, under the guidance of our professionals. They allow you to combine theoretical knowledge with hands-on experience in the everyday context of the corporate world.
Work-study programs are based on a real employment contract that provides you an income while you are training.

Whether you are attending a school of engineering or business, or enrolled in a university course, come and take the first steps of your professional life
at Saint-Gobain.

Each year, Saint-Gobain hires young people under apprenticeship or professional training contracts in many countries. In 2016, the Group had 1,700 apprentices in France.

International business program (VIE)

Saint-Gobain offers international business program positions lasting from six to 24 months. This is an opportunity for you to gain unique experience abroad in a position of responsibility, and to open up your prospects for an international career.

In 2016, there were 90 active international business program contracts. The main destination countries were the United States, Germany, Canada and Spain. The half of the people who completed their international business program contract in 2016 were then hired, mainly in the areas of production, finance, marketing and research & development. 

So, when are you leaving on yours?

Getting to know you

Saint-Gobain takes part in numerous student forums at schools and universities worldwide. The Group has many ties with the academic world: sponsorship of a year, personalized support for certain students and long-term partnerships in the form of University Chairs, for example.

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