Recruitment at Saint-Gobain Recruitment at Saint-Gobain

Recruitment at Saint-Gobain

Recruitment in our Group is managed locally by each Activity and country that defines the strategy that is the most appropriate for their needs and environment.
However, whatever the site where you submit your application, the recruitment process is always based on a triple approach common to all Group entities:

  • Make sure that you have the skills and expertise required for the position together with the conduct and values that will enable you to succeed: commitment, initiative, openness, ability to work in a team, help  your employees to develop, etc.
  • Assist you to clearly understand the professional environment that you are about to join through various meetings with members of the relevant management, HR managers, your future colleagues, etc.
  • Determine, after an initial position, what your future may be in the Group: your potential, your goals, and the qualities that will allow you to progress.

A joint decision and reciprocal commitment

At Saint-Gobain, each recruitment is made with a view to the long-term. And even though it is organized locally, your recruitment commits you to the future of the Group as a whole.
Saint-Gobain uses its recruitment process to make sure that it has the talent needed to ensure its growth. The process also enables you to define your motivation and what you can bring to the Group to help it achieve its aims.

Help the Group to grow, and the Group will provide you with a rewarding career.

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