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The Group organization

Saint-Gobain, the global leader for habitat, creates and delivers innovative and high-performance solutions to the growing energy-efficiency and environment markets. Saint-Gobain ranks among the world’s top 100 companies.

A unique positioning

Saint-Gobain is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of attractive, fast-growing markets, thanks to its:

  • worldwide or European leadership* in all of its businesses, with local solutions tailored to the needs of each market;
  • solutions combining products and services adapted to customers’ needs;
  • outstanding potential for innovation, supported by industrial expertise and broad-ranging skills in materials;
  • unrivalled portfolio of energy-efficiency products and solutions.

Saint-Gobain has three Sectors: Innovative Materials, Construction Products and Building Distribution:

Innovative Materials

The Innovative Materials Sector has two Sectors:

  • The Flat Glass Sectors manufactures, processes and sells glass products for two main markets: the building and transportation industries. It has 33,000 employees in 33 countries.
  • The High-Performance Materials DivSector ision has a portfolio of technology in three families of materials: ceramics, polymers and glass fabrics, with development focused on habitat, energy and the environment. It has 27,000 employees in 36 countries.

This Sector accounts for 25 percent of Saint-Gobain’s sales.

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Construction Products

The Construction Products Sector provides interior and exterior solutions for all segments of the construction industry, both new and renovation: acoustic and thermal insulation, facades and facade coatings, roofing, pipes and ceramic tile cements.Its 46,000 employees in 62 countries generate 28 percent of Saint-Gobain’s sales.

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Building Distribution

The Building Distribution Sector is the leading distributor of building materials in Europe and the world’s largest distributor of ceramic tiles. It serves the new construction, renovation and sustainable building improvement market.
Its 61,000 employees in 24 countries generate 47 percent of Saint-Gobain’s sales.

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*Source: Saint-Gobain

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