Testimonial of a Global Player Testimonial of a Global Player

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Testimonial of a Global Player

05 July 2012

In Central Europe and the Nordic countries, Saint-Gobain has developed the Global Player Program to recruit promising young graduates and prepare them for an international career at Saint-Gobain. This 18-month program involves three successive assignments, one of which must take place outside the Global Player’s home country and originating Sector. The young trainees are assessed at the end of each assignment. They also undergo a complete training program throughout the process.

Ottar Aune, 26, is a Global Player. With a Master’s degree in International Marketing and Management, he was selected by the Delegation for the Nordic Countries. He reflects on his experience:

“I started my traineeship at Weber Norway, working in the marketing department. I was involved in developing marketing and sales action plans. It was nice getting a view of the real working world. I also had the opportunity to contribute to other projects that gave me a diversified experience. I learned a lot: most importantly, how to solve daily challenges and to keep practicality in mind. After six months at Weber, I started a new assignment at Ecophon in Helsingborg, southern Sweden. At Ecophon I am working on developing a recycling structure for our products at their end of life that can be offered to the market. I have been given the opportunity to work actively with other countries, which is a new challenge. This second assignment has enabled me to further develop the skills I acquired at Weber and to learn new ones. It feels like I have learned more in these nine months than during my five years at school!”

In September, Ottar will move back to Norway for his final assignment.